Sanctuary Spa “foaming micellar cleansing water” – my new fav!

Welcome back lovelies!

Now, I love a good micellar water to cleanse the skin and help take my makeup off before completing my nightly skin routine. Saying that, I’ve never found one that’s able to take my makeup off without either leaving a lot of the product still on the skin or leaving an oily residue behind. BUT.. oh, my, goodness. I received the Sanctuary Spa ‘foaming micellar cleansing water’ for Christmas and it’s completely changed my thoughts on micellar waters.

Let’s start off talking a bit about the brand.. the Sanctuary Spa body and skin care range was first launched in 1988, 11 years after the original spa opened in Covent Garden in 1977. They are a very affordable skincare brand that aims to put out high-quality products. The micellar water retails for £8.00 in the UK (you can get it from Boots). What I appreciate the most is that the brand is entirely cruelty free and this is something they feel strongly about, most of their products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans with the exception of the use of beeswax in some products. Luckily, this product is suitable for vegans!

Now onto the product itself.. I was very intrigued when I received it as I had never used a foam cleanser of any type before. The product comes in a clear 200ml bottle with a pump mechanism to generate the ‘foam’ texture, it is nice sleek packaging and looks very sophisticated. The product promises to be “super gentle but incredibly effective at removing makeup and daily grime, skin is left feeling instantly clean, fresh and soothed”.

Now this is, in my opinion, definitely true! When you press down on the pump a generous amount of foam comes out. The product remains as foam until it is either pressed to the skin or rubbed between the cotton pad (or whatever you decide to take your makeup off with). As soon as the product hits the skin it feels as though it dissolves from the foam into water, it has a very soft feel. Just as the description states the water feels so refreshing on the skin and definitely feels soothing without leaving traces of oil.

I can honestly say this micellar water removes ninety nine percent of the makeup on my face (and I wear a lot) with complete ease! As soon as the product hit my skin it began dissolving the makeup immediately. As it is so effective I was expecting a harshness to the product, but even though it is very effective it is still extremely gentle and soothing on the skin. I’ve been using this product every day since I got my hands on it and I can’t see myself giving it up anytime soon!

The only thing I would say advice-wise is that the foam directly on the lids can be a bit uncomfortable. I tend to rub the foam in between two cotton pads so the foam dissolves and then apply it to the eyes. Saying this, as soon as the water is applied it dissolves my eye makeup flawlessly, even waterproof products!

I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone looking for a new makeup remover. It’s soft, gentle and works brilliantly! It’s super effective and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and nourished.

It’s definitely going to be hard for me to replace this as my favourite makeup remover, especially for the £8.00 price point for such an amazing product!

I hope you enjoyed this review and it’s inspired you to try out this product, it’s definitely worth it!

Until next time! x