my favourite ‘Lush’ products! (pt.4)

Hi Everyone! I can’t believe I haven’t posted in over a month, I’ve been so busy settling into my new job for Bare Minerals I just haven’t had any time to sit down and actually write! Anyway, now I’m all settled and ready to chat all things Lush!

“Over and Over” (bath bomb)


“just roll with it” – I’ve literally used three of these bath bombs in the past two weeks, they are so moreish! This product contains both lime and fennel oil, so as soon as it hits the water a gorgeous citrus scent fills your bathroom. The scent is not too overpowering and I found it to be a perfect balance of all the fragrances. The orange on the outside of the bath bomb is a coating of cocoa butter, I know! amazing right? The cocoa butter is there to nourish, moisturise and leaves the skin feeling so soft and cared for. Not only are the ingredients amazing, the colours are mesmirising. As it begins to dissolve the oranges and yellows become so vibrant and melt into the softest, fluffiest foam. THEN, pink bubbles just come at you out of nowhere! There is pink melt inside the bath bomb which creates the most perfect colour combination and makes your bath look like a full on sunset, beautiful. I was so impressed at the way this product made my skin feel, and like the name suggests, I have been using it ‘over and over’!

“Sex Bomb” (bath bomb)


“this bomb’s made for lovin'” – it sure is! I’ve been using this bath bomb for as long as I can remember, it may even be the first one I purchased from Lush all those years ago! This is the perfect bath bomb for when you’re stressed out and feeling a bit anxious, it contains jasmine, ylang ylang and sage oil for maximum relaxation. Ylang ylang oil is known for its qualities to soothe the mind and body, which makes it a perfect ingredient for this bath bomb. When dropped into the bath, the most gorgeous pinks and purples start oozing out and to top it all off, the cute rose on the top expands and the petals start to float around the bath! This bath bomb screams romance, from the beautiful jasmine scent to the beautiful pink tones and it even brings you flowers! Who said romance is dead?!

“Mint Julips” (lip scrub)

“scrub and soften” – I have been after a good quality lip scrub for so long, and safe to say I’ve finally found it! This lip scrub first caught my eye because I love all things minty, this lip scrub has a gorgeous blend of peppermint oil ans vanilla extract so tastes exactly like mint humbugs! The best part? It’s edible! Because Lush is vegan, once you’ve rubbed these delicious sugar crystals all over your lips and they’re feeling soft and nourished, you can just eat what’s left! This scrub leaves me feeling refreshed and guarantees me peace of mind when it comes to having cracked or chipped lips, especially as I wear long lasting lipsticks pretty much every day. Using this scrub has now become part of my daily beauty routine; once in the morning when completing my skin care routine and once in the evening when I’m cleansing away all that makeup (and maybe once or twice more when applying lippy throughout the day, it just tastes too good)!

So there we have it guys, three more of my absolute favs from this gorgeous brand! I already can’t wait for the next post, stay tuned for more Lush goodies my lovlies!

Until next time!

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my favourite ‘Lush’ products! (pt.2)

It’s that time again to revisit my love of Lush! Like I’ve said before, they’re cruelty free AND vegan, and their innovative products always bring a smile to my face! So let’s dive straight in..

The Experimenter (bath bomb)

experimenter 3

“original motion picture” – this bath bomb is exactly that, its own enthralling saga. As soon as it hits the water this bath bomb erupts with the most vibrant colours I’ve ever seen, the brightest pinks, blues, yellows, oranges and of course the addition of some glitter! This bath bomb is a real adventure from start to finish, not only are the colours stunning, the scent is unreal! Vanilla and tonka provide a sweet scent sensation while notes of vetivert run your senses wild! Perhaps my favourite thing about this bath bomb is the added extra of popping candy which appear as it starts to dissolve! (told you it was an adventure)! Another thing I love is that the colour of the bath (when all the other colours have merged into one) is completely different every time, sometimes it’s a gorgeous deep blue colour, sometimes a sea-green and anywhere in between! All I know for sure is that you definitely have to try this if you haven’t and star in your own motion picture!

D’Fluff (shaving soap)

dfluff 2

“defluffed and delightful” – this shaving soap is my favourite in the Lush range. I’m not sure if that might be because it’s pink.. but I’m going to pretend it’s not. The main scents of D’Fluff are fresh strawberries and maple syrup with a hint of rose, now can you get more delicious than that? (the amount of times I’ve wondered what it tastes like..)! Take a nice scoop of the product and sweep it over any area you want ‘defluffed’, then go to town with a razor and hey presto, you’ve got some seriously silky-smooth skin. The best thing about this product is it can be used anywhere, and when I say that, I mean anywhere.. chins, legs, arms, wherever you want to be hair-free! The gorgeous marshmallowy texture is met with the softening powers of cocoa butter leaving the skin hydrated, soft and nourished. This is definitely a must have in my bathroom!

Yellow Submarine (bath bomb)

yellow submarine

“we all bathe in a yellow submarine” – cutest thing ever right? This adorable little submarine is every bath lovers dream. Place it gently on the top of the water and watch it sail into the sunset (or just from one end of the tub to the other..) either way it’s a magical little product guaranteed to make you smile. The gorgeous blend of Brazilian orange, lemongrass and coriander seeds create a fresh and fruity scent that is strong but not overpowering. As it cruises around the tub it’s gorgeous foamy frothy trail goes from a bright yellow, to a pink, to a gorgeous orange (mirroring the scent), making you feel as if you’re witnessing a beautiful sunset whilst sinking back and relaxing. An absolute must have, I would encourage anyone to try this bath bomb out as it’s definitely become my new favourite!

So there we have it, a few more of my favourite products from one of my favourite brands! They continue to bring out so many amazing products, and no doubt they’ll definitely be another blog post dedicated to them, so stay tuned!